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Conductor New Feature Roundup: Fall 2019

  • Product News
  • By AJ Kieffer
  • 6 minutes read

Illuminate the key insights you need about your customers, content, and organic performance across channels with these brand new features in Conductor's SEO Platform.

As marketers, insights are the guiding light that help us make informed decisions. From tracking the results of our efforts to communicating their impact on the business to stakeholders, insights translate complexity into clarity and help us understand what our customers need.

But, in an age of information overload, meaningful insights are hard to come by. They’re often buried in layers of data or dense reporting.

At Conductor, our goal is to be the searchlight that illuminates the key insights you need about your customers, content, and organic performance across channels. Today, we’re excited to release a new set of features in our organic marketing platform, Conductor, bringing new platform intelligence to our customers and helping marketers make a bigger impact.

Customer Intelligence

See your customers in a new light with Enhanced Demographics and Topic Sentiment

We’re adding new demographic and topic sentiment insights to Conductor's SEO Platform to give you a holistic view of customers and what matters most to them. Uncover your customer’s voice so you can speak their language.

Get to Know Your Customers with Enhanced Demographics

Enhanced Audience Demographics feature in Conductor's SEO Platform

It’s not enough to just know what your customers are searching for. To connect more deeply with audiences, you also need to know who they are.

That’s why we’re introducing Enhanced Demographics to Conductor's SEO Platform. Learn who’s searching for keywords relevant to your business and how they spend their time with occupation distribution and topic interests by region. Get to know your customers better, create more tailored content, and target audiences that align to your strategy.

Enhanced Demographics are available now to Conductor customers.

Learn How Your Customers Really Feel with Topic Sentiment

Topic Sentiment feature in Conductor's SEO Platform

To properly position your content, you also need to know how your customers feel about the things they’re searching for. That blog post you’re writing on different types of life insurance is going to look radically different depending on whether people feel positively or negatively about the topic—and the general sentiment might influence whether you write the post at all.

To help, we’re adding Topic Sentiment for every search in our research platform, Explorer. Prioritize which keywords are most important to your customers and frame your content to resonate with your audience.

Topic Sentiment is available now to Conductor customers.

Content Intelligence

Create content that drives results with Content Briefs and YouTube Video Tracking

Our new content intelligence features take you from insight to action to results, giving you everything you need to create insight-enriched content that helps customers. Because search bars don't have answers. You do.

Better, Faster, Stronger: Introducing Content Briefs

Content Brief feature in Conductor's SEO Platform

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: content creation takes a village. Multiple marketers using different tools in different roles contribute to every piece of content you publish, and a key part of content marketing success is enabling your team to collaborate efficiently and effectively.

Now, you can expedite your content creation workflow by creating insight-enriched Content Briefs directly in Conductor. Pull keywords, demographics, and sentiment analysis straight from Explorer into your briefs as you perform research, then seamlessly send them to your team’s favorite task management tool with Conductor Actions.

Content Briefs are available now to all Conductor customers.

Manage Every Channel with YouTube Video Tracking

YouTube Video Tracking feature in Conductor's SEO Platform

Another marketing truism: video is the next big thing. Well, scratch that, because video is already here, and to get the full picture of your marketing performance, you need to know how exactly your video content is doing in organic search.

Enter YouTube Video Tracking, new to Conductor. Understand the visibility of your YouTube videos on the Google SERP and uncover optimization opportunities by tracking your entire YouTube channel in your Conductor account. You can even define a competitor’s YouTube channel as part of a comparison domain to help you uncover their video strategy to get ahead.

YouTube Video Tracking is now Closed Beta. Current customers can request access here .

Performance Intelligence

Put your impact in the spotlight with Advanced Rollup Reporting and Daily Keyword Reporting

Don’t market in the dark. Track your visibility across channels, devices, and markets, identify opportunities to optimize, and highlight your wins with our powerful new reporting.

Dig Deeper with Advanced Rollup Reporting

Advanced Rollup Reporting feature in Conductor's SEO Platform

You can’t get to all of the value hidden in your data without the ability to slice and dice it in a million and one ways. To answer every question that comes across your desk, you need that flexibility.

Our new Advanced Rollup Reporting on Keyword Performance gives you just that with a comprehensive, filterable view of all tracked keywords over time, across devices, search engines and locations. Prioritize where to spend time and easily identify new opportunities in the contexts that matter to your business

Advanced Rollup Reporting is now Closed Beta. Current customers can request access here .

Gotta Go Fast: Daily Keyword Reporting

Daily Keyword Reporting feature in Conductor's SEO Platform

When you work in an industry that moves fast, you need reporting that can keep up. From one day to the next, your customers could be searching for totally different keywords and clicking totally different content.

We’re expanding Daily Keyword Reporting to the Market Share and Rank Comparisons views in Conductor. Now, you can track keywords with day-by-day granularity across our platform, giving fast-moving brands like yours a timely indicator of successes and issues.

Daily Keyword Reporting in Market Share and Rank Comparisons is available now to Conductor customers tracking daily keywords.

That’s Not All: Social Media Analytics, Enhanced Page Insights, and More

We’ve got even more features we’re excited to deliver to you! Here’s a quick rundown of everything else new to Conductor's SEO Platform:

  • Explorer: Audience Sizes Across Search & Social: Focus your content creation on the opportunities with broadest cross-channel reach by comparing audience sizes for key topics across search and social data. Schedule your content for when it will have the biggest impact with new seasonality trends in monthly search interest. This feature is available now to all Conductor customers.
  • Actions Manager: Easily manage your Actions and Content Briefs from one central location in Conductor. Track campaigns across your teams and provide stakeholders with broader visibility. This feature is available now to all Conductor customers.
  • Year-Over-Year Comparisons: Account for seasonal changes in demand and plan ahead in your content calendar with this expansion to Multi-Channel Content Measurement in Conductor. Track how your performance has changed across channels year-over-year. Conductor customers can request beta access to this feature here .
  • Accounts Overview: See the most timely performance insights across all your accounts as soon as you login to Conductor. Track activity and easily toggle between recently visited pages and favorite workspaces. This feature is available now to all Conductor customers.

Get the SEO insights you need to succeed. Try Conductor for yourself.

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