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Conductor New Feature Roundup: Optimize Your Site with Agility

  • Product News
  • By Nobuki Fujioka
  • 3 minutes read

Conductor's latest releases unlock greater speed and efficiency across your SEO processes with more ways to make real-time edits and more!

The weather is changing and as people put away their beach towels, marketers must shift strategies to stay on trend. Seasonality can have a huge impact on your organic website traffic and a recent research from Rakuten shows that retail sales trend down as temperatures drop, while site traffic online begins to spike. Although this may seem like common sense, getting your website in tip top shape for the new season is critical to capture your share of the growing number of searches. The leaves will soon fall, but don’t let your traffic fall with them!

Organic Marketers face many challenges when optimizing their site for search. Many struggle to optimize content quickly and efficiently, burdened by outdated systems and cumbersome processes. In fact, nearly half of all marketers say it takes more than 2 weeks to implement a simple site optimization.

This October, we’re bringing all new enhancements to Conductor to help you optimize at greater speed and stay one step ahead. Read on to learn more about the many mighty updates coming soon.

Faster, Smarter Real-Time Optimizations

Earlier this year we released Conductor for Chrome —our powerful browser extension that brings the best of Conductor right into your Chrome browser. With the extension you can monitor your page health, investigate competitors and even make real-time changes to content with Live Editor. We’re now taking this another step further. Make instant updates to H1-H6 headers and image tags, in addition to optimizing titles and meta descriptions. And, you can bring recommendations and optimization closer together when using our platform and chrome extension, side-by-side.

Conductor for Chrome lets you make instant updates to header tags, images tags, titles, and meta descriptions

Additionally, SEOs know that page speed is critical for earning the top spot on the SERP. Now, Conductor Live is faster than ever before with load speeds up to 12 times faster. Make unlimited real-time optimizations to your content with no impact to page speed and accelerate the pace at which you optimize your website.

Proactive Alerts For Your Best Content

As marketers, getting ahead of the competition is always top of mind, yet limited bandwidth makes it hard to stay one step ahead. Now in Conductor Live , new notifications can help to drive your workflow, provide automated monitoring, and send proactive alerts.

Get helpful tips for making real-time optimizations and get your team set up for success and see when you’ve hit key milestones and get alerts that prompt you to assess your results.

Conductor Live lets you make changes to your site immediately and updates you when changes are complete

Unlock Agility & Efficiency Across Your SEO Workflow

The more optimizations you can make to your content, the faster your website will climb the SERP - agility is essential for taking the top spot. Get your content primed for search success with Conductor Live and Conductor for Chrome to get and stay ahead of the competition.

You can access all these features and more. Get a live demo from our experts today!

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