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Introducing custom and personalized workflows for each team member: Role-Based Views.

Here at Conductor, we like to talk about customer-first marketing. Since our launch in 2010, we have worked with amazing brands like Citibank,, WeWork, and Athenahealth to empower their marketing teams to be customer-first leaders.

And we have observed again and again that the more marketers across a team who adopt a customer-first mentality, the more successful the team and business are in the long term.

The challenge today is that many teams are siloed—using different digital marketing tools, different data sets, and different processes. The result is teams aren’t efficiently able to share customer insights like how customers are searching for their products and how their content is getting found online. These insights are invaluable and essential to achieving digital marketing success. So it’s not surprising that according to Salesforce, 86% of employees and executives blame a lack of collaboration or poor communication for team failures.

We challenged ourselves to take a step back and consider: How can we help teams break down these silos? Can we make Conductor even more intuitive and accessible to everyone on a marketing team? What workflows are most important for each role to be successful?

Our product and design team interviewed, studied, and observed thousands of our users at businesses big and small across marketing functions. They examined the different digital marketing tools they were using in the platform, and identified the best-practices and workflows for each role.

Active users of Conductor SEO Platform by role

Armed with these insights and best practices, we designed intuitive workflows in the platform for each role that are mapped directly to role-specific goals and processes.

Introducing Role-Based Views

Role-Based Views give each team member a “view” with access to just the most relevant features for their areas of responsibility. The views are designed to streamline workflows and remove the noise, so every team can maximize the value they get through the Conductor SEO Platform.

Quote from Scott Litvack Direct or Organic Search at WPROMOTE saying Conductor helps content and search teams work together with the same digital marketing tools

The views available map to the core workflows of the highest frequency user roles in Conductor. The views we’re introducing are:

  • Complete
  • Search Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid
  • Executive Essentials
  • Research

By tailoring the platform to the best practices of our customers, we’re making it easier for each team member to focus on the activities that drive performance. This enables cross-functional teams to work more collaboratively and share insights in one platform.

Let’s take a look at what we found to be the most important activities for each role based on where they are spending their time and what’s available in their view.

Search Marketing:

Search marketing view in Conductor SEO Platform

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing view in Conductor SEO Platform
Paid marketing view in Conductor SEO Platform

Executive Essentials:

Executive Essentials view in Conductor SEO Platform


Research view in Conductor SEO Platform

We also offer a Complete view which allows user to see all features available. The Complete view is ideal for users who have a broad set of marketing responsibilities across channels.

Customers have the ability to activate or change views at any time— giving them ultimate flexibility as responsibilities evolve.

The success of marketing teams is tightly coupled with how well they are able to collaborate and communicate, and Role-Based Views are just one step toward realizing our vision of aligning teams around a customer-first marketing strategy. Going forward, we will continue to invest in solutions designed to enable teams and provide more depth of insight for all digital marketers.

Role-Based Views are available today for all Conductor customers. Not yet a customer and want to learn more? Contact us.

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