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SEO Thought Leaders to Follow—and See—At C3

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  • By Kortney Kavanagh
  • 7 minutes read

A round-up of the top SEO thought leaders to follow to stay updated and inspired on all things search. You can also catch them in person or virtually at this year’s C3, Conductor’s annual marketing conference.

SEO is constantly evolving, and it can feel overwhelming to stay up to date on the latest trends, algorithm updates, and best practices. That’s where some guidance from the top SEO influencers can be helpful. (Tip: Make a connection with each on LinkedIn to keep you in the know.)

Become LinkedIn connections with the following 10 SEO thought leaders to gain actionable tips that you can implement to get results. This year you can find them at C3 , hosting an intimate fireside chat or partaking in a panel discussion.

The top 10 SEO influencers of 2022

Matt O’Such | VP of SEO at Getty Images & iStock

Matt O'Such featured as one of top 10 SEO influencers to follow

Matt has over 20 years of experience developing marketing solutions, leading customer engagement, and driving growth and innovation for global enterprise brands. He currently leads and manages a team of SEO experts at Getty Images to help define and prioritize the team’s focus to deliver growth through organic search. If you’re looking to get insights into creating a comprehensive SEO strategy via both technical and non-technical opportunities, Matt is your go-to.

At C3, he’ll be co-hosting a fireside chat entitledThe Power of Real-Time Technical SEO for Your Site’s Health (and Bottom Line) , where he’ll talk all things technical SEO and the new power metric of real-time website monitoring.

Kathryn Parsons | Chief Digital Operations Officer at Mach9 Digital

Kathryn Parsons featured as one of top 10 SEO influencers to follow

If you’re a loyal reader of our blog, you’ll recognize Kathryn. She was one of our 10 Inspiring Women Shaping SEO and Organic Marketing this past March and a Women in Search Honoree in 2021. It’s no surprise why: Kathryn has over 20 years of experience in the SEO industry with impeccable business expertise. She currently leads digital operations at MACH9 Digital for enterprise clients. She also volunteers for The Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries where she mentors BIPOC freelancers. She’s a great resource for not only learning SEO and copywriting skills but also gaining a strong business acumen.

Find her at C3 hosting the fireside chat, You’re Hired: How to Land the SEO Job of Your Dreams. She’ll provide insights on how the SEO hiring landscape has changed and tips to ensure you get the gig you want.

Eric Farkas | Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at WeWork

Eric Farkas Senior Director of Digital at WeWork

If you're interested in SEO and product marketing in the digital world, Eric is your man. He has over ten years of product marketing experience at global tech giants like Twitter and Apple. He currently serves as Sr. Director of Digital Marketing at WeWork.

He'll be bringing his digital expertise to How Customer Behavior Can Help Jump Start Your Digital Transformation—an intimate C3 fireside chat that will share the knowledge you need to transform your organization and fuel your inbound funnel.

Pat Reinhart | VP of Customer Success at Conductor

Pat Reinhart featured as one of top 10 SEO influencers to follow

Pat is our in-house SEO expert who is a great follow for anyone interested in staying up to date with the latest SEO trends. You may know Pat from his monthly award-winning 30|30 Webinar series, where he breaks down the latest updates in search, technical SEO, and content marketing in just 30 minutes. Prior to joining Conductor, Pat served as Director of Organic Search in advertising and founded two companies. He’s been with Conductor for almost seven years, where he is currently our VP of Customer Success.

He’ll be hosting 30|30 Live! at C3, where he’ll talk about everything technical SEO and real-time website monitoring.

Amy Kolzow | VP of Global Digital Marketing at Wolters Kluwer

Amy Kolzow featured as one of top 10 SEO influencers to follow

Amy has a 20-year background in executing digital solutions and driving business value through SEO. She’s results-driven with a strong technical prowess, including having multiple high-level certifications. As Vice President of Global Digital Marketing at Wolters Kluwer, she oversees their corporate strategy and digital transformation efforts. Follow Amy if you want to learn from an expert with diverse backgrounds.

Find her at C3 as one of the featured speakers in our women’s panel, Why and How Enterprise Brands Build Their Marketing Strategy Around Customer-First Content. She’ll share the recipe for scalable marketing success so that you can implement it across your org for an increased ROI.

SungJin “S.J” Yun | Sr. Director of Digital Strategy at Daniel Gale Sotheby’s

SJ Yun featured as one of top 10 SEO influencers to follow

S.J boasts over 20 years of SEO experience, more recently in real estate at Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty, where he defines content strategy focusing on driving growth, engagement, and innovation. He’s a great follow for anyone looking to take their SEO efforts down a creative road. Fun fact: He spearheaded Long Island’s largest virtual open house event during COVID-19.

He’ll be joining our VP of Marketing, Lindsay Boyajian, at C3 for the Building the Right MarTech Stack to Stay Ahead of the Pack panel. Attend to learn how to optimize your MarTech stack for marketing success.

Christine Bronzo | Sr. Marketing Manager (SEO) at Fossil Group, Inc.

Christine Bronzo featured as one of top 10 SEO influencers to follow

Christine has worked in SEO exclusively for over five years, with expertise in fashion and eCommerce. As Senior Marketing Manager (SEO) at Fossil Group, Inc, she drives conversions for the one-of-a-kind accessories they offer. Christine is a perfect resource for those interested in both SEO and fashion insights.

It seems fitting that she’ll be joining us at C3 via our Play Your Carts Right: Retail Strategies to Drive Conversions panel. Join the Retail Panel to talk about all things shopping carts and conversions.

Mike Nelson | Sr. Manager of SEO at Pegasystems

Mike Nelson featured as one of top 10 SEO influencers to follow

Michael has ten years of SEO expertise and B2B marketing experience. As Senior Manager of SEO at Pegasystems, he drives content strategy to establish their presence in new spaces while positioning content for success. Mike is a great follow for those in the B2B field.

He’ll be bringing his skills to C3 via our Level-Up Your Approach: Winning Enterprise SEO Strategies for B2B Brands. He’ll share the latest winning enterprise SEO strategies for B2B brands and exclusive tips on how to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Pati Atrian | Sr. Director of SEO at Live Nation Entertainment

Pati Atrian featured as one of top 10 SEO influencers to follow

Pati has worked in SEO exclusively for over 20 years, analyzing on-page and off-page SEO. As Senior Director of SEO at Live Nation Entertainment, she forecasts SEO roadmaps, analyzes trends and reports, and supports all social search. If you’re always thinking of UX, follow Pati for insights.

She’ll share the formula for a customer-first approach, value-driven content strategy during our Why and How Enterprise Brands Build Their Marketing Strategy Around Customer-First Content panel at C3.

Steven van Vessum | VP of Community at ContentKing

Steven van Vessum featured as one of top 10 SEO influencers to follow

ContentKing recently became part of the Conductor family and Steve van Vessum is one of their fearless leaders. As VP of Community at ContentKing, Steve is responsible for growing their visibility through SEO, content marketing, and community relations. He’s a fantastic go-to for those interested in not only SEO but also PR and content marketing.

He brings his large-scale knowledge to The Power of Real-Time Technical SEO for Your Site’s Health (and Bottom Line) fireside chat at C3. Attend to cut through the code clutter and learn how to resolve SEO issues fast—before any impact.

Next Steps

Stay informed on the latest in the world of SEO by connecting with our favorite thought leaders, and don’t forget that you can see each one in action at C3 on May 11th. Want to be a part of the fun? Join us at C3 in NYC for networking opportunities, industry insights galore, and an epic after-party.

Register for virtual or in-person C3 tickets here .

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