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The New Enterprise SEO: Mobile, Local, Built For Your Needs

Conductor introduces a whole slate of new enterprise reporting capabilities to support and enhance your efforts in mobile, local, and real-time search.

We all know that in today’s consumer-driven world, the winning marketing teams lead with value and put their customer’s needs ahead of everything else. Sounds simple, right?

In reality, enterprise marketers face more challenges than ever in executing their customer-driven, high-ROI strategies. When customers search nowadays, they are looking for more complete and more specific answers provided for their queries: whether they are searching on a smartphone, looking for results specific to their city, or keeping up with the news of the minute. And Google is constantly improving how it delivers those results.

Our goal at Conductor is to make sure your marketing team has all of the data and insights, features, and reporting capabilities you need—so you can deliver for your customers and achieve above and beyond your goals.

That’s why we are introducing a whole slate of new enterprise reporting capabilities in our Fall Release to support and enhance your efforts in mobile, local, and real-time search. We also listened to our customer feedback and made our platform easier to use and more secure.

Brand new mobile insights empower your marketing

According to comScore , users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones. It’s never been more critical for businesses to have websites that go beyond mobile friendly—especially since mobile-friendliness will now directly impact your visibility on Google. Google’s new mobile-first index ranks its search listings based on the mobile version of content.

So we’re introducing new FlexHub mobile reporting tailor-made for our enterprise customers.

Our advanced FlexHub reporting layers the wealth of data collected by Conductor's SEO Platform with new datasets to give you the power to make smarter business decisions, fully informed and backed by newly discovered insights.

The new Desktop vs. Smartphone Rank Distribution Report tracks your mobile rankings to make sure they aren’t lagging behind the equivalent desktop ranks (or vice versa), helping you immediately identify outliers and take action to optimize your mobile or desktop ranking.

Google is also integrating more AMP listings into its mobile search results. AMP provides a better mobile browsing experience for users and AMP results can show boosted click-through rates.

In Conductor, you can now see which of your results are displayed as AMP on mobile search, so you can assess the impact of AMP on your performance. Not only can you track and report on your AMP initiatives, but you can also see for which keywords your competitors have AMP listings— giving you the competitive edge.

Results in Conductor SEO Platform for basketball keywords

Local SEO reporting supercharges optimization for answers in every location

Local SEO makes you visible to local customers when they’re searching for answers. It is absolutely essential for brick and mortar businesses. And don’t forget that 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases. That’s why we’re doubling down on our investment in FlexHub’s business intelligence reporting and releasing a second new report focused on maximizing your organization’s local and global visibility across channels.

In the new City vs. City Rank Comparison Report, you can ensure your rankings are optimized across locations. Compare keyword rankings across any two cities, and know at a glance which city and keywords need your attention.

Conductor 2018 new product feature comparing keyword ranking

Daily reporting changes the game for key industries

In most industries, the organic search channel is a practice in patience: it takes time to see the impact of your new AMP initiative or content campaign. Directional weekly reporting on rank movement can be sufficient, but there are important exceptions.

For certain industries, knowing the day-by-day changes in organic visibility is crucial to success. In News, seasonal eCommerce, Events and Ticketing, and more, search visibility and traffic contribute significantly to business success, and search results are highly volatile.

These organizations have to make changes fast. So we’re supercharging our Daily reporting to give you a timely indicator of your search visibility with daily rank reporting on your most important keywords.

Enterprise reporting that’s sophisticated, yet intuitive for everyone

As marketing organizations mature, we've seen significant growth in the number of Users per organization. The brands we partner with need reporting that’s not only sophisticated, but also easily accessible and consumable for everyone on their team.

At Conductor, we’re enhancing the design of our platform to bring that to you. Our customers will now be able to access their favorite Workspace reports with just one click in Conductor's SEO Platform navigation menu, helping to streamline their workflow with easier access to their most important reports.

Conductor has a large amount of high-quality data within a UI that is intuitive so I can speed up my decision-making/productivity.

Nick Kretz, VP Growth, Head of SEO, Xivic (opens in a new tab)

We’ve also redesigned the User Management experience, making adding and managing users a breeze. Enhanced report screen headers are also in, helping our customers more easily navigate their reports.

More users, more systems, more integrations, and more security

As more teams partner with Conductor, we make securely incorporating the variety of applications they like to use a priority.

That’s why we continue to invest in our partnerships and integrations through our Partner Ecosystem. We’ve just added the ability to integrate multiple Google Search Console properties within a single domain in Conductor.

We’re also proud to announce that Conductor now offers Single Sign On capability to ensure proper security protocols and securely authenticate users. Current customers interested in activating SSO should reach out to your Conductor team.

Quote from Joe Drury of Vacasa saying that Conductor clearly shows us where to invest our time to make the biggest impact

Interested in learning more about the new capabilities and enhancements?

For those who aren’t yet Conductor customers, reach out and we’ll show you how we can supercharge your organic marketing strategy.

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