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Conductor New Feature Roundup: Summer 2020

  • Product News
  • By AJ Kieffer
  • 4 minutes read

All-new innovation has hit our platform helping marketers achieve more with ease. Create content with precision, implement at scale, and measure with flexibility with Conductor.

One of the biggest challenges in Organic Marketing is taking action on your strategy. The average piece of content takes more than nine business days from ideation to publish, and for many organizations, simple site optimizations can take weeks to implement.

As the Forrester recognized top rated Enterprise Organic Marketing platform for current offering, our goal is to help you achieve more with ease. Conductor is here to empower your entire team and unlock smarter ways to create content with precision, implement at scale, and measure impact with flexibility.

Our Summer Product Release is live. Learn more about the stacked lineup of all-new innovation in Conductor.

Create with Precision: Content Guidance is Here

To do Organic Marketing right, you need a customer-first strategy. This means infusing the voice of your customers into every piece of content. But, doing this at scale requires two things.

First, you need a deep understanding of your customers: who they are, what they need, and how they are searching online. Conductor’s Explorer is powered by the world’s largest keyword index, infused with demographics, social insights, sentiment analysis, and more. Once you understand your customers, it’s time to make some great content. But, how do you create the best content for them? That’s where we come in.

We’re taking the guesswork out of content creation. With Content Guidance, we want to guarantee success with on-demand “recipes” for relevant, resonant, and findable content. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine works behind the scenes of your workflow, analyzing tens-of-thousands of content variables and best-practices, to serve recommendations on what to write and how to write it.

Conductor's Content Guidance uses NLP to provide insight into any topic

Implement at Scale: New Actions are Live

As marketers, we often know what to do next. We have the information and see the opportunities, but taking the next step is sometimes out of reach. The longer opportunities sit, the more unrealized potential builds.

With reimagined Actions in Conductor, you can seamlessly access everything you need to get work done. Simply put, Actions is your hub for Organic Marketing productivity.

Our mantra is, “See something? Do something.” Now, you can access Actions on every report within the platform. It works like magic (literally). Click the magic wand button in the lower right hand corner of the screen and voilà. Quickly create tasks and push assignments to your team’s task managers, like Asana, Jira, Trello, Workfront, and more. Seamlessly build creation briefs, optimization briefs, and keyword lists from any report. Best yet, the new panel tracks with you while you navigate from report to report. Pretty cool, right?

We know that all teams have big goals. Actions contextually recommends service offerings available in our Marketplace to help you scale, either through our team of digital experts or our industry leading Partner Ecosystem.

Conductor's Page Insights report where you can take immediate action and view change history

Measure with Flexibility: Amazon Rank Tracking is Available Now

Content is everything. It's your website, blog, YouTube videos, social posts, press coverage, and today, even your brand's profile on Amazon. Essentially, content is everywhere.

Today, more than half of product searches start on Amazon. With Conductor's all-new Amazon Rank Tracking, marketers can now track the visibility of their Amazon product pages within Amazon search for target keywords, helping brands get found and sell more.

Conductor also helps marketing teams identify and track all their competitors. See who your brand is competing with on Amazon so you can build share in every category.

Amazon Rank Tracking is available across 11 major markets, helping marketers stay on top of global visibility.

The Amazon Rank Tracking feature in the Conductor SEO Platform which lets you track your organic performance relative to Amazon's ranking of your products on their site

That's not all. More features available now.

  • All-New Page Insights: Dig deeper into Organic Performance at the page-level across both trended analytics and keyword data, now with Year-over-Year comparisons and reimagined Content Activity Reporting.
  • Enhanced Domain Insights in Explorer: Research domain performance in greater depth and in less time, now with Result Type Intelligence and Personalized & Shareable filters.
  • Build Better Workspaces: All-new outline mode lets you organize your reports with ease to save you time and help you build bigger, better Workspaces. Reorder your Workspaces with drag and drop functionality that offers unparalleled flexibility.

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