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Conductor New Feature Roundup: Bring Your Content into Focus

  • Product News
  • By Jenny Li
  • 5 minutes read

Explore the latest Conductor innovations and bring your content marketing into focus with new AI copywriting recommendations and measurement annotations.

There’s no question that this summer has looked a little different. But, as we navigate a new normal, one thing remains the same. Customers keep searching. They’re dreaming up new ways to hit the beach, searching for the best summer recipes, and exploring the next must-have online purchases.

As marketers, it’s our job to make sure our customers are finding what they’re looking for when they search. The best content is fueled by a deep understanding of customer needs and continued optimization to deliver something valuable to your audience.

Based on recent Conductor research, 82% of organic marketers cite increased website performance this year driven by SEO and content—there’s never been a better time to invest in Organic Marketing.

Conductor is here to help you put your organic marketing in the spotlight with a new set of enhancements that bring laser-focus to your content creation and measurement workflows. From new AI-driven copy recommendations in Content Guidance to new ways of customizing your reporting and analytics dashboards, read on to learn more about how Conductor is helping bring your content marketing into focus.

AI Copy Recommendations that make your content shine

Earlier this year, Conductor released Content Guidance, which serves up AI-driven content recommendations to help you boost the performance of your metadata, content readability, and page health. Learn more about it here.

While the types of recommendations mentioned above can help build a strong foundation for your content, great body copy is critical for success and often takes the most time. Content Guidance now includes Copy Recommendations to take your content to the next level. Our AI engine generates on-demand lists of the top ranking subtopics and terms to incorporate into your copy for any topic, geared towards boosting your content to the top of the SERP.

Conductor's Content Guidance demonstrating how your page mentions key terms more or less that other top rankers

Simply enter a topic you want to write about into Content Guidance, and see the words and phrases that are most correlated with high-ranking content. Compare your existing content to see where you have the most opportunity to close the gap against competitors and where to prioritize optimizations.

With the new Copy Recommendations and the rest of Content Guidance’s suite of insights, cut straight to the information you really need and get clarity on not just what to write, but how to write it.

More context, less noise with enhancements to content reporting Annotations

Organic marketing is a long-term investment that yields great return over time. But, understanding what works and iterating on that success is key to driving SEO and content ROI.

In Conductor’s Page Insights and Content Performance reports, annotations give you the ability to see exactly when certain events have occurred that may have an impact on your performance. Previously, content changes to elements like title tags, meta descriptions and H1-H6 tags were automatically detected and noted on charts by the Conductor platform. But sometimes content performance can be impacted by external factors outside of just metadata changes.

That’s where Custom Annotations comes in. With this new annotation feature, you can now add your own manual notes to track any activity that has an impact on your content and correlate content performance with things like campaign launches, seasonal shifts, algorithm changes and other external events that are important to your business context. Bring more visibility and clarity to your reporting and provide documentation for the rest of your team to follow the path to content success.

Conductor lets you add annotations to indicate what type changes happened on your site so you can track and report on content changes

But, too much info can be just as mystifying as having too little. Annotation Settings puts your content measurement into focus with complete control over which data is shown in reports. Now you can filter views of both automated and custom annotations so that you can focus on the changes that have the most significant connection between action and impact. Cut through the noise of lower-priority data (e.g., in some cases, H6 tags) and zero-in on the updates that you know make a difference for your business.

Annotation Settings lets you control which data is shown in content measurement reports

But that’s not all! Your digital presence, unlocked. Track your brand’s holistic digital presence on Google and Amazon SERP and group multiple web properties across any form of digital content (e.g., domains, social media, Amazon brands, Youtube channels and more) for a full picture of your web visibility.

Sharpen your SEO with the latest from Conductor

The best way to outshine your competitors is with content that hits the bulls-eye on answering the very questions your audience is asking. With more reliable and easy access to personalized market intelligence—through features like Content Guidance and Annotations—you’re at an advantage. You can rally the content troops to write targeted copy around topics that have been proven to capture attention, while monitoring performance of the events that matter most.

Take advantage of new Copy Recommendations, Custom Annotations and Annotation Settings—and Conductor’s expanding library of useful features—to streamline workflows, tailor reporting and align your content creators around a successful marketing strategy.

Ready to see what Conductor can do for your content? Get a live demo from our experts today!

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