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Accelerate, Expand, & Improve Your Keyword Research Workflows: Conductor’s Latest Features

  • Product News
  • By Nobuki Fujioka
  • 3 minutes read

Save time and optimize keyword research workflows with real-time keyword insights for any U.S. location, bulk keyword research functionality, and more in Conductor.

Inefficient workflows are one of the most significant pain points for SEOs. It results in various time-consuming manual tasks to pull together the complete picture of your visibility and performance. For too long, SEOs have had to accept that lack of data and inefficient, manual workflows come with the territory.

With the latest Conductor platform enhancements this September, there is a better way forward. Save time with your SEO keyword research workflows with the ability to start tracking any keyword for any U.S. location instantly. Eliminate the tedious task of researching keywords one at a time with bulk keyword research that supports up to 50 topics at once. Access real-time crawl insights on Fastly sites so you can take action and address issues before you lose traffic. Learn how to make the most of these enhancements and reap the benefits of easy access to more comprehensive data.

Optimize your SEO keyword research workflows

Research is key when identifying new content opportunities that will increase your site’s visibility in the SERP and drive more traffic. But research takes time—time that many SEOs don’t have. Get that time back with two new enhancements built to optimize your SEO keyword research workflows.

Instantly track local keywords in any—yes, ANY—U.S. location

It’s time to get local. Instantly track and report on keywords in new, local markets—no waiting required. With 19,000+ locations—matching those supported by Google AdWords—you can get as granular as you need with keyword data reporting to inform and adjust your market strategy as needed. Expand to new markets confidently with a targeted strategy built around localized keyword data.

All Locations supported for keyword research in Enterprise SEO Platform from Conductor

Discover new topic opportunities faster by exploring up to 50 keywords at once

Time to eliminate one more inefficient workflow: manually researching one keyword at a time. Accelerate your keyword research workflow and discover new topic opportunities by researching up to 50 keywords at a time in Explorer. Eliminate the most time-intensive research stage and get more done faster with bulk keyword research in Conductor.

Prioritize the best content opportunities with additional keyword suggestions, monthly search volume (MSV) data, recent search trends, and other metrics all in one place.

Get real-time crawl insights on Fastly sites

With ContentKing for Conductor’s Log File Analysis feature, you can analyze your log files directly and see how search engines crawl your pages in real-time—now supporting websites run on Fastly, the content delivery network and edge cloud platform that delivers faster (and safer) websites and apps to users.

If your site uses Fastly to deliver content, you can now quickly and easily take advantage of this feature to ensure changes to your site are picked up by search engines and issues are identified before you lose traffic.

Easily filter and segment within ContentKing to see which pages search engines visit the most, which indexable pages aren’t visited, and whether search engines have indexed your most recently updated content.

Unlock more comprehensive data to boost efficiency and streamline workflows with Conductor

The most valuable resource for any SEO is your time. Stop settling for siloed data. Boost efficiency by optimizing your keyword research workflows, getting real-time crawl insights for sites run on Fastly, and unlocking access to more comprehensive search data—all in one place with Conductor.

Schedule a live demo with our experts today to learn how Conductor can revolutionize your organic marketing workflows and provide clear visibility of site performance.

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