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Together at last. The perfect companion for Conductor Searchlight is now in your favorite browser. Introducing the most advanced search intelligence Chrome extension ever created, here to make all things SEO & content marketing smarter, better and faster.

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See Conductor for Google Chrome in Action.

Faster, Better, Smarter.

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Uncover SEO insights

See behind the scenes and uncover new ways to enhance your website for optimal search performance.

Uncover optimization opportunities

Ensure your page is valuable to customers and findable on search by tracking header tags, meta description, video assets, and more.

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Start topic research

Use in-line topic research to uncover search metrics for new keywords directly on the page or search new topics directly in your browser, powered by Explorer.

Investigate competitor content

Illuminate the search strategies of your competitors, content gaps, and find new ways to provide value to more customers.

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Optimize content success

Ensure your pages are fully optimized for search and discover new content opportunities

Guarantee content health

Get a proprietary Health Check score for every page you visit, including insights for crawling, readability, page speed, and more.

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Explore new content ideas

Identify search intent for every page and brainstorm content ideas by uncovering the keywords that rank for all content.

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Preview your content

See how your content appears in snippets on search engines and social media, and track your Facebook engagement.

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Accelerate productivity

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Get quick recommendations

See automated recommendations to improve your performance so you're findable, valuable and resonate.

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Take quick action

Start content briefs and new Actions for your team, directly in your browser, without leaving the page you’re viewing.

Track performance

See performance of your content directly in Conductor for Google Chrome, with quick access to your analytics in Conductor Searchlight.

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The companion you’ve always needed

Conductor for Google Chrome is your bright sidekick for all things SEO. Use our extension with Conductor Searchlight to dig deeper with next-generation search intelligence.

Companion use cases
Building Blocks

Keyword Rank Tracking in Conductor Searchlight

Identify content optimization opportunities with our extension for the low-hanging fruit opportunities surfaced by Conductor Searchlight.


Content Performance in Conductor Searchlight

Go a level deeper. Get rich performance insights from in-platform reports while viewing live content in your browser.


Competitor Tracking in Conductor Searchlight

Use Conductor for Google Chrome to investigate your biggest competitive content opportunities identified in our platform.

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