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Conductor is joining WeWork. Together, we’ll bring companies closer to their customers – in the world and online.

WeWork + Conductor: Humanizing Marketing

"Together, Conductor and WeWork share a vision to bring a human-driven focus to the trillion dollar marketing category. We want to inspire and contribute to the cultural revolution happening across modern companies and put people -- our coworkers, our customers, our communities -- first."

Seth Besmertnik

CEO, Conductor

Quick FAQ


What does Conductor do?

Conductor is a marketing technology company that helps businesses modernize their marketing by creating and improving digital content.

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What is WeWork?

WeWork provides space, community and services to members around the globe to help them connect, collaborate and do what they love.

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Why join forces?

This combination is good for all of the people in our orbit: our collective customers, our companies, and our industries. At Conductor, we now have resources to innovate faster and enhance our world-class modern marketing platform. Together, we can help large companies expand their digital presence and deliver customer value through digital content.


What does this mean for Conductor customers?

Conductor is still Conductor – same team, same product, same purpose. These are the changes you should expect to see: faster innovation, some surprise new perks, and more ways we can drive value for your business. We’re all in.

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