Data Sources

Our industry-leading enterprise technology uses a variety of data sources, including our own sophisticated data sets, to deliver actionable insight to drive business results. Conductor partners with best-in-class data partners to ensure you have all the services and data you need in one place.

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Proprietary Data

Conductor's Data

Conductor collects holistic data of your digital performance. Not only do we have one of the largest proprietary keyword databases, but also advanced competitor data, visibility data, on-page data collection, and more. This rich data serves as the foundation for optimizing your web presence.

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Analytics Integrations

Conductor Searchlight™ provides seamless analytics integrations with Adobe Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, DeepCrawl, Google Analytics, and Webtrends Analytics.

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Adobe Analytics

Keyword Discovery

Conductor Searchlight™ Explorer, powered by SEMrush, presents keywords customer pages rank for, which keywords competitors rank for, and where customers are missing opportunities. Get insight into traffic data, CPC, and number of search results. Customers can easily add important keywords to Conductor Searchlight™ for more detailed keyword analysis.


Social Intelligence

Conductor brings Talkwalker’s social media intelligence directly into its platform. With this exclusive partnership, Conductor is the only enterprise SEO platform to integrate on-demand social media metrics and demographics with industry-best search data and insights.

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APAC Search Data

For brands with a presence in APAC, Conductor integrates Dragon Metrics’ superior APAC search data and on demand Baidu research database within Conductor’s enterprise organic marketing platform.

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