SEO ROI Calculator: Deliver $8.7M in SEO impact

Demonstrating SEO ROI just got easier. See how Conductor’s organic marketing technology and services drive financial return with the Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator.

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Over 3 years, Conductor enterprise customers see a 571% return on their Conductor investment.


Conductor drives organic search traffic growth of up to 113% through SEO improvements.


With Conductor, organizations cut paid search PPC costs by up to 20% without reducing ad placements.

Reveal SEO ROI for your business

Organic search is the most important channel in your digital marketing mix, but it’s difficult to measure its concrete value. That’s why we worked with Forrester to create the Conductor + Forester ROI Calculator. Now, you can calculate the ROI of SEO for your business in real dollars.

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Conductor has changed the mindset within our team. SEO isn’t just another project; it’s fundamental in everything that we do.

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Forrester says SEO is the most important channel

“Organic search remains the single most important way customers find websites,” Forrester says in the independent Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Conductor. The Conductor + Forrester ROI Calculator, based on the TEI™ study, shows you the impact the right SEO strategy could make on your business.

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Conductor is a Leader in the Forrester Wave

Conductor was named a Leader in the most recent Forrester SEO Platforms Wave, the authoritative evaluation of organic marketing solutions. With top rankings in both the current offering and strategy categories and the highest possible score in 15 evaluation criteria, Forrester found that our technology and services help marketers drive business results with SEO and content.

A Model Based Off of SEO ROI Statistics

Forrester interviewed Conductor Searchlight customers across multiple industries in order to create their model.

Download the report to learn more about Forrester’s methodology designed to give you the best estimate for the needs of your business.

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About Forrester

Forrester is one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. Their definitive study of the economic impact of Conductor is based on rigorous customer interviews and data aggregation.

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