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Chasing the Long Tail in a Google Instant World: 5 Steps to Success

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Write your web content for long tail success!

Has Google Instant impacted long tail terms? How can you find the long tail terms that will bring the highest traffic and conversions?

In this webinar, Nathan Safran, Senior Research Analyst at Conductor, and Search Marketing Expert Brian McDowell present the importance of the long tail, how Google Instant affects it, and tips and techniques for optimizing long tail terms to increase traffic and conversions.

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Nathan Safran
Nathan was previously the Director of Research at Conductor and leads Conductor’s research and content team. Nathan is a monthly columnist at Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch. Nathan’s research on digital marketing has been widely covered in both industry publications and mainstream media such as Techcrunch, Venture Beat and the Washington Post. Prior to joining Conductor, Nathan was an analyst at Forrester Research.
Brian McDowell
Brian McDowell is the Senior Marketing Analyst for Conductor, Inc, providing wealth of SEO best practices and knowledge. Brian provides invaluable insight and vision of delivering scalable SEO solutions and is an authority on natural search solutions. Prior to joining Conductor Brian was the Senior SEO manager at Red Ventures and an SEO Analyst and Architect for Lending Tree, LLC.
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