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GenAI and the Future of Search

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Generative AI is everywhere, making its mark on seemingly everything with no signs of slowing down. Brands leveraging AI to future-proof their marketing efforts are starting to see the positive effect. Despite its impact, AI is far from perfect, and some enterprises may be hindering more than helping their strategy. How do you make sure that you’re getting the most out of AI while still using the tool responsibly?

It’s a tricky question; fortunately, it's one you don’t need to answer alone. Conductor’s Chief Product Officer, Wei Zheng, and Principal Engineer AI/ML, Orpheus Mall, discuss the impact that GenAI is having on search engines and share how Conductor is leading the industry with innovations in AI and SEO so you can make the most out of your tech stack.

Tune in on November 2 at 11am ET | 8am PT to explore the future of search through AI, specifically:

  • How AI is shifting how people search and how businesses can adapt.
  • How Conductor is establishing a strong foundation in AI to advance our product innovation
  • How Conductor can deliver impactful insights, recommendations, and workflows for your teams

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