Get to know every keyword’s impact

Go beyond rank tracking and learn everything about how your brand and competitors appear for a keyword in search results.

Specific and relevant insight

Choose from thousands of location and device combinations to see data in the most relevant search context for a specific keyword.

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Investigate Universal Results

Know your full keyword competition by reviewing what result types appear—like featured snippets, videos, or People Also Ask results—and find out who owns them.

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Review historical rank trends

See how you and your competitors have fared over time in the search results to identify the best time to optimize based on your content’s volatility patterns.

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Identify rank cannibalization

Review all your ranking pages that appear for the same keyword to ensure you’re not cannibalizing your own performance or chance to beat the competition.

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“Conductor shines here. You can define keywords with particular Google search engines, geo location, language, devices and more. And you have dynamic keyword categories that can be based on a keyword or even part of a keyword. I am amazed there are other platforms that still only allow for keyword category labels that require you to manually aggregate keywords in those categories. What a waste of your time.”

Matthew R,

Senior Technical SEO Manager

Read the Full Review on G2 Here

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