Measure page-level SEO impact

Dig into page-level content analytics to identify the content that's driving traffic to your website and measure the ROI of your organic marketing program at scale.

Add context to performance

Better understand what’s driving your performance with year-over-year, metric comparison, and cumulative views and the full impact of your content investment.

SEO Platform Report on Page's Organic Performance Metrics

Tie action to impact

Connect your team’s organic marketing efforts to impact with annotations that automatically detect content and metadata changes, along with any custom events that may have impacted performance.

SEO Platform Report on the Shift in Page's Organic Metrics after Optimizations

Get the full picture

View insights around keyword ranks directly alongside web analytics performance, across both discovered and tracked keywords, and across any search engine, device, or location.

SEO Platform Report on the Shift in Page Rank over Time by Keyword

 “If someone asks how a page is doing, you will be able to speak at length about it within a few minutes of looking at the page performance report. The timelines with annotations of page changes will sometimes show you a strong correlation with rank drops or gains. You will see ranks of keywords you are tracking and even discover keywords you are not tracking that rank for your page.”

Matthew R,

Senior Technical SEO Manager

Read the Full Review on G2 Here

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