Win the top spots on Google

Find opportunities for content creation with the Result Types report. See a visualization of the different universal result types that appear for the searches you care about most.

Score the most important spots on the SERP

Learn which result types, like images, videos, tweets, and answer boxes, are appearing for high value keywords.

SEO Platform Keyword Result Types by Keyword

Discover new content opportunities

Identify opportunities to create content that competes with universal result types.

SEO Platform Keyword Result Types Summary of All Keywords

Compete across different devices and locations

Get insights about your searches for different locations and devices, so you're always one step ahead.

SEO Platform's Keyword Filtering by Location and Device Type
Joe Root
I often can pull insights from Conductor to share with our VP on how our SEO is performing and when we win new answer boxes.
Joe Root
Marketing Technology & Intelligence Program Manager Cradlepoint

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