Companies are doubling down on content as budget once earmarked for in-person events flows to digital initiatives. But that’s a double-edged sword.

More investment brings more resources, sure, but also sky-high expectations for results. Meanwhile, the content and SEO game gets ever more competitive and complicated.

Watch this interactive discussion to figure out what to expect in 2021 – and what to do about it – based on insights from industry veterans Wil Reynolds, Pat Reinhart, and Robert Rose.

You’ll learn:

  • How changes in the Google algorithm and declining transparency in its PPC program may cost you (without you even noticing)
  • How Google SERPs are evolving – and why the way you analyze them for opportunities needs to change, too
  • The increasing importance of content velocity in SEO (and what to consider in a competitive analysis of it)
  • Why you may need to change the metrics you report to satisfy executive scrutiny of content and SEO investment and results
  • Why the surge in data related to content and SEO means having the right tech (or partners with the right tech) in place