Companies are pouring money into content — but many, especially larger organizations, are struggling to measure results. If content marketing is going to keep growing, how can the industry streamline the reporting process to prove that it is producing results? It starts with defining the problem.

Our report shows that content marketing is more vital to marketing efforts than ever before across industries. Companies see value, executives are buying in, and investment in the field is growing fast.

Learn About Content Marketing Team Structure

So why can’t content find a permanent place on the marketing team? Why is a stable content reporting structure so rare?

And why is it so hard to attribute revenue to content?

Find the answers in this report. Here’s a taste of the key discoveries we made about content marketing team structures:

  • Most content teams are less than 5 years old and over one-third recently starting reporting to a new part of their company’s organizational structure
  • Only 5.3% of large companies with 10,000+ employees can clearly attribute revenue to content
  • 92% of content marketers agree that understanding and executing SEO better will help them do their job more effectively

Download the Anatomy of a Content Marketing Team now to learn more about what the modern content marketing team structure looks like today!

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