How are your customers finding your solutions? To get your customers to your content, you have to align the language you use with the terms they are searching for. You have to align to the customer voice.

You can use the customer voice in your marketing strategy to help boost conversions, traffic and revenue.

Not a visual learner? Here’s the plain text guide.

The Customer Voice: The Marketer’s Superpower

The customer voice is a marketing superpower you can unlock today. For brands like JanSport, Citi and AAA, all it took was changing a single word in their content to align with how their customers were really searching; using your customer’s voice will improve search visibility, drive conversions, and lead to the ultimate victory.


If you want your customers to come to you, you have to be findable: that means being on the first page of a Google search. When you understand and use the voice of the customer, your customers will more easily find your content and the answers they’re searching for.

Check out Publicis Worldwide’s switch from “oral care” to “teeth whitening.” That small change resulted in a 200% increase in rankings. You have the power to rescue your content from the deep dark pits of Google’s page 10 simply by aligning your language with the words your customers use.


Of course, ranking is just the start. The crucial step is turning visibility into actual clicks. But your new superpower can help you here too. When AAA changed their language from “savings” (internal vocabulary) to “discounts” (the language customers actually use), they saw a 30% traffic increase within a month.

By integrating the customer voice into your SEO strategy, you’ll increase click-through rates and drive customers to your solutions. Instant hero-status.


You have a lot of important goals for your content team, but when it comes to keeping the lights on and your superhero vehicle of choice gassed up, conversions are the name of the game. Your trusty customer voice superpower can make all the difference in convincing them to purchase. Xivic doubled conversions with one simple word change in their content: from “organizer” to “closet organizer.”

So tap into your superpower and discover the voice of your customer. You’re just one step away from becoming the hero your customer (and your company) needs. Now the only question left is, will you use your superpower for good or for evil…

And just think of the cape you’ll get to wear.


By aligning your content with the voice of the customer, not only will you unlock Google’s algorithm and get your customers to click, but you can save the day once they get there with content that actually answers the questions they have when they search.

Now that’s a superpower.

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