When an organization is hungry for more leads, the demand generation team knows it can use paid media to quickly pump up the flow of leads. This can work, but has the default to paid media caused organizations to neglect the role of organic search in demand generation? Do organizations see differences in the quality of leads produced through paid versus earned media?

Conductor and Demand Metric partnered on a study to learn more about the role of SEO in demand generation, and the state of the demand generation process:

  • 3/4ths of respondents are neutral to very dissatisfied with the monthly volume of leads their demand gen process produces.
  • For organizations that are investing most heavily in demand generation, 94% agree or strongly agree that their organic online presence is critical to their demand generation success.
  • In 4 key categories—volume of leads, quality of leads, consistency of leads and conversion rate—organically sourced leads outperform paid media-sourced leads by double-digit margins.

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