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Demand for SEO Jobs Has Never Been Greater Than 2012

We’ve updated our data for SEO jobs and salaries in 2018. See the 2018 Inbound Marketing Jobs Salary Guide.

Good news for SEO professionals: The SEO industry is enjoying rapid job growth. As demand increases for SEO pros from Coordinator to Director of Marketing, so does your leverage—when you have the information you need to promote your value. Our salary guide infographic can help prepare you with:

  • Average SEO salary ranges
  • A source for SEO salary ranges in your city
  • The best cities for SEO jobs
  • The most common SEO job titles

Our SEO Jobs Salary Guide is based on a study of aggregated data from over 1,500 SEO job postings on Indeed.com and Payscale.com. For instance, we found that SEO job postings on job board indeed.com have increased by 1900% in the last year alone. Download our at-a-glance salary guide now to find out what the upward trend in SEO may hold for you.