After a transformative year for the job market, digital marketers had to learn to adapt and navigate an uncharted hiring landscape. As more and more businesses continue to go virtual, what changes in the digital marketing hiring space are still to come? 

  • Will SEO job growth accelerate even more?
  • Is content marketing moving in-house?
  • Does job location matter in 2021?

Join Stephan Bajaio, Chief Evangelist, and Hannah Whalen, Content Strategy Lead  as they break down the findings of our 2021 Digital Marketing Salary Guide. 

They discuss why SEO, content and web teams are more cross-functional than ever before, why skills are more important than titles and what predictions they foresee in hiring within the digital marketing industry.

We’ve updated our data for Digital Marketing and SEO salaries to help inform marketers and hiring managers. See the new 2023 Digital Marketing Jobs Salary Guide.