SEO platform first movers gaining upper hand in natural search

Huge opportunities and technology advances in natural search are compelling search marketers to turn to SEO platforms to gain the upper hand.

The SEO platform is changing the way SEO is being practiced. This software as a service technology automates data gathering, enables large-scale management of SEO, and provides a workflow and reporting structure to continually improve (and show) the value of natural search optimization. In our white paper explaining The Emergence of the SEO Platform, you’ll see how it enables you to:

  • Scale to thousands of keywords
    Easily track rank across multiple search engines for thousands of keywords. Tracking data is stored over time making trend analysis possible.
  • Learn what your competitors are doing
    The SEO platform algorithmically analyzes the SERPs and automatically discovers competitors moving up the rankings.
  • Receive recommendations based on hundreds of datapoints
    The SEO platform crawls your website, analyzes on and off page elements, and makes recommendations for changes that can be made to improve visibility.

Download our report on SEO Platforms at right to quickly learn the hows and whys of SEO Platforms now.