Cody Gault, SEO Specialist at Republic Wireless, shows you how to improve the visibility of a landing page with Conductor.

After following this workflow for their wi-fi calling page, Republic Wireless achieved:

    • Ranking on page 6 –> page 1
    • +108% traffic (78.47% new users)
    • +100% revenue and transactions
    • +22.27% session duration
    • +23.55% pages per session

Cody’s 4-Step Success Workflow

clock-128This Workflow Takes: 30 mins

Step 1: Measure Visibility –> Click into any keyword –> Keyword Details: Visibility

measure visibility of keywords in Conductor's SEO platform

Start with visibility performance to learn more about the term you want to target. Pay attention to who else is ranking and any universal results on the search engine result page (SERP) – that can help you determine the right content type to create.

wi fi calling website SEO performance

Step 2: Keyword Details –> Keyword Trending

keyword visibility using trended data overtime

After getting a feel for the SERP, check Keyword Trending to see how volatile the rankings have been. If things are static, be prepared to put in more work to oust your competitors.

keywords details trending over time for 'wi fi calling'

But it’s not just your competitors you should keep an eye out for. Use Keyword Trending to see if your own urls are competing against each other. Consider consolidating the urls you have ranking into one powerful page.

Step 3: Keyword Details –> Keyword Analysis

keyword analysis in Conductor's SEO platform

From there, take a look at Keyword Analysis. Do you have the right title and meta? Do your keywords appear early in the copy, and are they the right length? Click on the page icon with carrots to see what your current meta data looks like.

keyword details analysis for 'wi fi calling'

You can also check out your competitors’ meta data – are they doing something you hadn’t thought of?

Step 4: Research & Optimize –> Audience Intent Explorer

audience intent explorer in Conductor's SEO platform

Your last stop in this workflow is Audience Intent Explorer. Type in your main keyword to find related terms and topics. Add sections or tweak your content to answer those questions and target those new topics.

audience intent explorer for 'wi fi calling'

Why? When you use synonyms and closely related terms, it gives Google a better idea of what the page is about. Audience Intent Explorer enables you to find terms you might not be thinking about in that topic set, helping the page rank better overall.

Cody Gault SEO profile pictureCody Gault is the SEO Specialist at Republic Wireless. He currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Fun fact: I used to make balloon animals for a living in Hawaii, and balloon makers prefer to be called balloon artists, not clowns. It was fun and I still keep it in mind as a backup career.

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