Saying SEO is important is one thing; actually having a strategy around it is another. To truly succeed at SEO and organic marketing, you need to be able to assess the performance of your current marketing, determine how it can be improved, set a goal (or two or three), and map how to get there.


Learn the ins and outs of each step of that process from SEO leaders across various fields. You’ll hear from the for-profit sector with Miranda Gahrmann (Randstad). Kevin Gibbons (Re:Signal) and Pasquale Strati (Accenture) round out the conversation with insights from SEO and content-focused agencies.


Download the recording for a close look at the three pillars that ground SEO — on-page, off-page, and technical — and the tactics and strategies that build upon that foundation: auditing existing practices, monitoring competitors, and setting KPIs.