2018 trends, leaders, and strategies in insurance marketing organic searchWhen people think about insurance marketing, they probably think about commercials: from geckos to mayhem, insurance companies have gotten very good at establishing a presence on television that gets attention and entertains.

But at the end of the day, insurers have to get really important information to their customers, and the major way they can do that is through a search engine. Organic search is used as a research tool at every stage of the insurance customer journey these days, so Conductor dove into our data to find the leaders, key trends, and most successful strategies insurance marketers are deploying in 2018.

We tracked just over 27,000 search terms that consumers used to find insurance products and information using the Conductor Searchlight platform. In aggregate, these search terms represent more than 65 million searches per month on average by consumers. Leaders that dominated online visibility in the insurance space by consistently ranking in the top organic spots for high volume, relevant searches for information or products quickly emerged.

We also looked at how strategies were being deployed across every stage of the customer journey and how mobile has disrupted and continued to force insurers to adapt their marketing accordingly. We spotlight strategies from market leaders like Aetna, Geico, and more to establish best practices and effective tactical guidance that marketers can deploy in the field.

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