We’ve updated our data for SEO jobs and salaries in 2020. See the 2021 UK Digital Marketing Jobs Salary Guide.

In Conductor’s 2019 Inbound Marketing Job + Salary Guide: U.K. Edition, we gathered salary data to understand what marketers can expect from their employers, breaking the data down by title and city. We also gathered the number of open positions for SEOs and content marketers currently available across the U.K. and dove into the most important skills for SEO and content marketers to develop to progress on their career paths.

The data is clear: 2019 is a banner year for SEOs and content marketers. There’s more opportunity and more money out there than ever, as companies invest more in organic and inbound marketing.

All of these data points are essential information for both marketers looking to move forward in their careers and for marketing leaders that are building inbound marketing teams.

As the actual market value for content marketing and SEO skills is increasing, it’s essential for content marketers and SEOs at every stage in their careers to understand what skills they need to be developing to seize the day and position themselves to take advantage of those opportunities.

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