The Retail Marketing Trend Report 2018 features the top online performers and strategies for the year.

Retail marketing is constantly evolving; since the advent of ecommerce, digital and organic search are essential weapons in the retail marketer’s arsenal. According to Forrester, $1.95 million of retail sales were impacted by digital, and marketers are expected to stay at the forefront of the changing landscape of mobile and desktop customer experiences, high-value educational content, and more.

Retail marketers need to understand how to leverage organic search data into omnichannel strategies designed to help their customers at every touchpoint.

Conductor has used organic search data to discover the market leaders in the digital retail marketing landscape, and identified the tactics they have deployed not just to get to the top of Google, but to find success in multiple channels using data-backed, customer-first marketing strategies, from legacy brands to e-commerce giants to stand-out smaller players.

This report is essential reading for retail marketers of all sizes. You will find:

  • The top brands operating in key business lines and the important shifts since 2017
  • Tactical organic search and marketing examples of how market leaders are finding success on Google
  • Content and SEO guidance for every stage of the customer journey specific to the industry
  • Snapshot of mobile results and how they are changing the retail sector

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