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Our favorite SEO experts discuss the latest in SEO, content and digital marketing. On this SEO podcast, you’ll hear our in-house SEO specialists lend their advice for how to handle SEO issues like duplicate content, website migrations and robots.txt. The best part? They’ve invited some of the finest SEO virtuosos from leading brands and agencies into the Search On Tap studio to share their expertise as well.

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Duplicate Content’s a Problem. You Can Say That Again. (But Don’t)

As companies expand their digital presence up and out, duplicate content continues to be a major struggle. So what’s the scoop on duplicate content? How can marketers address these issues with their site?

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Migrate Without the Migraine: Website Migration Tips

Website migrations don’t have to be a thorn in your side. On this episode of Search on Tap, the crew talks about website migration best practices, and how to tackle a migration like a boss.

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On-Page Optimization

Ah, the bread and butter of SEO: on-page optimization. Join the gang as they discuss on-page SEO best practices, and how today’s content marketers and SEO can get their content seen.

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Technical Concerns: Robots and Indexation

Let’s get technical. The Search On Tap gang discusses that old chestnut, indexation. How are crawlers viewing your site? How is your site communicating with robots and web crawlers? Answers await.

Bill Sebald Stops by the Search On Tap Studio

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Algo Updates Got You Down?

On this episode of your favorite SEO podcast, Bill Sebald, Managing Partner of Greeenlane Marketing, drops by for a brew and to discuss Google’s ever-changing algorithm. If Google’s algorithm updates as often as 500 times a year, should SEOs be worrying about every algorithm update?

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Debunking SEO Conspiracy Theories

The world of SEO is filled with myths of tactics that work and quick ways to score rankings. On this episode of our SEO podcast, the Search On Tap crew debunks SEO conspiracy theories.

Greg Garritani Joins the Gang in the Studio

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The Future of Mobile Search

On this episode of our SEO podcast, Greg Garritani, SEO Strategy Lead at 360i, joins the gang to talk about all things mobile. What is the future of mobile search? How will it affect your overall rankings?

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The Obligatory VR/AR Conversation

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are slowly taking over the world. But what will that mean for SEO? On this episode, the gang talks about the future of VR and AR and what SEOs should do to prepare.

John Fernandez Swings by Search On Tap

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Evangelizing SEO in an Organization

Evangelizing SEO within an organization is no small feat. But it’s essential for today’s SEOs looking to grow their careers. John Fernandez, VP of Revenue Marketing at Contently, stops by to talk about how a new crop of search marketers can prove their worth within their orgs.


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