For today’s content marketer, SEO skills are more important than ever. After all, 50% of content marketing jobs now require SEO skills. Not to mention, 92% of content marketers believe that a better understanding of SEO will help them do their jobs better.

But SEO is a vast and ever-changing field. And you’re busy. Too busy. So what SEO do you need to know to create quality content optimized for search engines? Now presenting, SEO 101: The Content Marketer’s Guide to SEO.

seo 101

Get answers to all of your burning SEO questions, like:

  • How do I do keyword research?
  • How often should I put my keywords in my content?
  • Where should I put my keywords?
  • How can I fix underperforming content?
  • How can I measure the SEO success of my content?

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