Is your business fueled by the intelligence you can get from organic search and SEO? Or is that data stuck in a silo somewhere, unseen and barely known to the rest of the organization?

Today, we change that.

Conductor’s own Stephan Bajaio has issued a call to action, to revolution: it’s time to democratize the data, and we are the ones who will lead the way.

We, the people of search, declare the following truths to be self-evident: that not all data is created equal, that search data represents direct access to the hearts, minds, and needs of your customers, and that every part of your organization would benefit from access to those insights.

Welcome to the movement that will break down every silo, where you will learn what the rise of true multichannel marketing will mean for your organization and how evangelizing the power of search data will bring about this brave new world.

Are you with us?

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