Most modern content marketers utilize basic SEO knowledge to improve the reach of their content. Great content marketers go beyond the basics to build a strong SEO foundation in their content marketing strategies to deliver relevant content audiences are already searching for. 

Watch our webinar with SEO and content experts from Conductor including: Allie Bhutani, Director of Brand, Lauren Carel, SEO Manager, and Shannon Vize, Content Strategy Lead. 

Conductor’s experts explain how to advance your content marketing efforts in these 5 key steps:

  • Leveraging search data to understand your audience and inform your brand voice 
  • Map keywords and topics to your personas and customer journey stages 
  • Optimize your content creation process
  • Maximize your reach with a killer content calendar 
  • Metrics that matter, measuring content performance 

Research, plan, execute and measure your content’s performance with confidence. Watch now!