97% of consumers search for deals when they shop. These shoppers could be your next customers – if you’re winning for those searches. The thing is, many retailers have some kind of SEO strategy around deals, but not many truly know the best way to leverage incentives.

Download our webinar with Scott Bohrer, Co-Founder & CEO of Thrive Commerce, and a leading retailer to find out how to boost SEO performance and acquire more customers with the right incentive strategy. We’ll spotlight brands with successful strategies that drive organic traffic, site conversions, and in-store revenue.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Protect branded keyword ranking and improve non-branded keyword ranking with a complete SEO incentive strategy
  • Increase conversion of organic traffic to online or in-store sales with the right incentives
  • Easily leverage incentives as relevant, fresh content

Now that’s some retail therapy. Download now!