We’ve updated our data for Digital Marketing and SEO salaries to help inform marketers and hiring managers. See the new 2023 Digital Marketing Jobs Salary Guide.

It’s 2015. Is the demand for SEO professionals still rising? Are companies still investing in and building teams around SEO? Which US cities pay the highest SEO salaries?

Distilled from our analysis in 2015, our new infographic shows that SEO jobs are up by 18%, and SEO salaries have doubled across the board. You’ll also see:

  • The top 20 cities for SEO jobs
  • Salary ranges, by city, for 6 different SEO job titles
  • Trends that tell the compelling story of the SEO market’s growth

Download the SEO jobs and SEO salary infographic at right to find out the highest SEO salaries!

SEO jobs and SEO salary guide 2015 by Conductor