That’s right y’all. Google now officially has a running list of algorithm updates that you can scroll through going back to the beginning of 2020. In this month’s edition of 30|30, Pat talks through why YouTube was a big winner after the core algorithm update. Want to know where kids these days are going to do their searching? (Hint: it isn’t Google) You will have to tune into the episode to find out. In July’s 30|30 Pat covers:

  • Was YouTube A Big Winner After The Core Algorithm Update?
  • Google’s Volatility Has Shifted The Way SEMRush Measures Volatility
  • The Googs Doesn’t Roll Out More Updates (arguable), They Just Tell Us More About Them
  • We Did It Y’all, Google Now Has Its Own Algorithm Update Tracker
  • What’s Making Google Execs Nervous? Tiktok & Instagram. Betcha Didn’t See That One Coming

Watch now!

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