Another SEO truth has been confirmed about 404 versus using Rel canonical, boom! In this month’s edition of 30|30 Pat also reveals for the two for one special that Google gave the industry. What was that double whammy you may ask? You’ll have to tune into find out. It also looks like something has touched down in the last 24 hours so keep an eye on your sites.

In October 2022’s edition of 30|30, Pat covers:

  • Two For One! The September Core & Product Reviews Algorithm Update: What I’m Seeing & Hearing
  • Unconfirmed Algorithm Update Today?
  • Local Listing Bug Causes Problems For Some Sites
  • Another SEO Truth Confirmed – Use Rel Canonical For Parametered Pages, Don’t 404 Them
  • Google’s SearchOn – What Was Announced & How Sad I Am It Wasn’t A Resurrection of Google Wave

Watch now!


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