Panda it was not, Google’s helpful content update was boring to say the least. Pat covers why this update was a whole lot of nothing and what his general consensus around the industry was. In September’s edition of 30|30 Pat also covers why you shouldn’t get caught up in word count and how it may not be a sign of unhelpful or thin content. Want to get more of Pat’s point of view? Watch this months 30|30 to find out.


In this 30|30 webinar, Pat covers:

  • Google’s Helpful Content Update Was Mostly A Snore – What I’m Seeing & Hearing
  • Feeling Dejected, Google Rolls Out The September 2022 Broad Core Update
  • The Googs: You Can Have “Billions Of Redirects”
  • Don’t Get Caught Up In Word Count, Not A Sign Of Unhelpful / Thin Content
  • The Googs Confirms That Soft 404s Do Eat Up Crawl Budget

Watch now!

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