Conductor Searchlight SEO and WPM

What Does Web Presence Management Have To Do With SEO?

If you’re new to Web Presence Management, you may be wondering what WPM has to do with SEO. Does WPM replace SEO? Has Conductor stopped focusing on search technology?

The answer, to both questions, is NO. SEO plays a foundational role in Web Presence Management. After all, organic search is the single largest driver of online traffic to websites worldwide and 89% of all consumers use search engines when making an online purchasing decision. By combining SEO processes with key marketing disciplines like content, mobile, and social – marketers turn their entire organizations into traffic, conversion, and revenue generating machines.

Why Not Just SEO?

The problem with SEO by itself is that it is often advisory – and you can’t sit over everyone’s shoulder in your organization to make sure they think about being found in search. Getting your organization on board is critical to success, but it doesn’t stop there. By targeting specific personas and the buyer’s journeys they go through – marketers can dramatically increase customer engagement with their content, wherever the customer conversation is taking place.

SEOs combine an expertise in interpreting data with a profound understanding of what makes for successful content – meaning they’re often well positioned to take on the challenge of coordinating the full spectrum of efforts to engage customers with great content across unpaid digital channels.

Marketers leverage the Conductor Web Presence Management platform to coordinate and scale the efforts to attack opportunities across unpaid channels. Searchlight provides actionable insights, competitive intelligence, and recommendations for making sure content gets found.

Collaboration is key – and Conductor’s SEO platform provides digital workspaces with data tailored to the specific requirements of each member of the marketing team – allowing insight to be shared and efforts coordinated to prioritize the biggest opportunities in unpaid media.

Are you ready to move beyond SEO and take on the strategic challenges of your organization by rallying your team behind web presence management? Explore our learning center or contact us to take the next step.