Quality content is the most important piece of SEO success for your site. It promotes your products and services while optimizing site traffic and engagement. Over the past ten years, we have seen a shift in content strategy as we move from creating content for Google to creating content for our actual consumers. And we won’t stop there! 

In our recent webinar, TextBroker CEO Phiilip Thune and Conductor’s Director of Content, Lindsay Sakraida, shared never before seen insights on how to catapult your content into 2020 with measurable—yes I said measurable—strategies. They demonstrated how to use data from market and competitor analysis to drive your content planning. Attendees left this session with actionable steps to:

  • Find your content “sweet spot”
  • Sneak peek into the trends of content orders over the past decade 
  • Define content needs
  • Create smarter content strategies
  • And much more!

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