Conductor's Valentine's Day SEO research for 2019 reveals new insights into seasonal retail marketing.
Seasonality is immensely important in the retail marketing world, and leveraging search data and insights to help predict trends, stock the right items, and, above all, serve customers the right content or products to match their search intent is a big part of a mature retail marketing strategy.

For many types of retail, Valentine’s Day is a key part of the year and a massive revenue driver. To figure out who is going to win Google for Valentine’s Day 2019, Conductor tracked 3,811 Valentine-related keywords about chocolate, flowers, jewelry, and wine.

We did a deep dive into the SERPs, pulling insights from our findings and laying out seasonal tactics and strategies for retail digital marketers that will impact your business far beyond February 14th.

Valentine's day search results for flowersWe also took a closer look at some of the most successful brands in this space.

The sophisticated approach to SEO and retail marketing in general represented by these examples provide some invaluable insight into how to win not just at the SERP, but on your bottom line, by taking full advantage of organic data and the insights available into customer intent and purchase behavior.

For the full story of how the best of the best in retail marketing are leveraging seasonal organic insights for Valentine’s Day 2019, download the full report.