Content Marketing: it’s become one of the pillars of digital marketing today. But at the same time, it’s also been one of the more difficult to quantify. In a survey with 302 marketers (both B2B and B2C), over 90 percent expressed uncertainty in how they measure the success of their content. The data had everyone asking the dreaded question: how does my content marketing strategy measure up to my peers?

In the hopes of providing competitive insight, we put together a scoring card that’ll help you determine how you stack up against other marketers in similar fields and companies.

Here’s how it works: answer a series of questions about your company, your team, and your content marketing strategy. Each answer is scored based on best practices and industry benchmarks from leading marketing sources like Content Marketing Institute and Hubspot. Out pops a shiny Content Marketing Score and an analysis on how you compare within your industry.


Dying to find out how you compare and, more importantly, how you can improve? Take 3 short minutes of your day to Rate Your Content Marketing and share your score with your fellow marketers.

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