If you’re reading this, it’s likely that your marketing team has approached you about Conductor’s SEO Platform.

Yes, it is true that by utilizing our technology, which supports SEO, organic marketing, paid marketing comparisons, market share data, etc… you will be better able to measure how you and your brand(s) are found on the web. In particular, you’ll get insight into how your content is showing up in search engines, and what you should do to improve your online visibility and ROI. And yes, this will lead to better results in the future driving up your key metrics and more than paying for itself.

But how are you going to pay for this technology today, particularly if it’s not in your budget?

I wanted to share with you what your peers have told me about justifying the expenditure and still remaining on budget:

With Paid and Natural Optimizer, one of the Conductor Platform’s basic features, they were quickly able to see where they were spending on paid search for keywords that they also ranked very strongly for in organic aka unpaid search.

paid and organic optimizer in conductor's seo platform

That led them to reduce their paid search spend on keywords for which they were already visible in organic search. They didn’t lose visibility, findability, traffic, or customers by turning off their ad spend for these terms, because their brand was still ranking well for those keywords organically.

The company can then reallocate those funds to:

  1. Purchasing a content and SEO platform like Conductor so they can find these opportunities
  2. Buying ads for keywords where they did not rank well, increasing their net impact

In this way, they can maximize the effectiveness of every dollar spent.

What does the Conductor Platform’s cost-saving capabilities look like in action? Download this case study: Nutricap Labs Cuts Cost-Per-Lead by 61% with Conductor’s SEO Platform.


jim-caci-conductorJim Caci
directs finance and administration functions for Conductor. Jim brings 20+ years of experience running the finance and operations functions of both public and private companies.