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Conductor Fair Use Policy (“FUP”)

Fair Use Policy

This policy has been created to prevent improper use of the Conductor and ContentKing Platforms (together, the “Platform”) so we can offer all our customers an excellent user experience.

Website Access

By accessing the Platform, you represent that you will use our Platform only with respect to websites that you own or are otherwise expressly authorized to access, and in the manner in which you have agreed to use it. You agree that you will not use the Platform to analyze, search or access any third-party website unless you have been expressly authorized to do so by the website’s owner and that you are responsible for controlling the monitoring speed of the crawling applications that may be available to you on the Platform.


We do not charge overage costs or limit your usage when the Platform is used reasonably and normally and within the parameters agreed upon in your contractual arrangement with us. This is why we use the term “unlimited” when describing some of our plans.

However, to prevent the negative effects of excessive system traffic or usage on your user experience or that of others, we monitor the usage as well as, if applicable, keywords and comparison domains in your accounts. With normal use, you do not have to worry about performance or the system bandwidth available to you. If we detect a situation that could lead to a decrease in quality, we may need to make necessary adjustments to the services.

For example, in the event we identify very heavy usage or improper usage that impacts either the Platform functionality, your system, or impairs your service or the service of others, or if applicable, in the event of the number of queries in a specific account tracking exceed 60,000, comparison domains exceed 100, we may be forced to reduce your usage, apply other management techniques, or suggest additional account configuration to ensure ease of use of the Platform by you and others.While we have crafted this to cover most situations - there may be situations that fall outside of this policy and Conductor retains the right to revise, amend, change, or suspend this policy at any time for any reason.

April 21, 2023

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