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Warning on Fraudulent Job Offers and Recruiting Scams

Please take care to avoid phishing scams involving fake job opportunities. These scams often ask job seekers for money and sensitive personal and financial information, such as date of birth, national identification number, social security number, bank account information, passport number, etc.

This type of fraud is often carried out via false websites or through fake emails or text messaging services claiming to be from legitimate companies, like Conductor.

Conductor complies with applicable employment laws and regulations in our recruiting process:

  • We will never ask you for payments or highly confidential information in exchange for being considered for an employment opportunity.
  • We do not use Google Hangouts, Telegram, or other third-party messaging platforms to conduct interviews. While we may communicate with candidates via email or, after you have provided your contact information to us, text message (including WhatsApp), the hiring process will also include phone calls, video interviews and, depending on the location of the role, in-person meetings.
  • Our recruiters may initiate communication with candidates via LinkedIn; however, all other communication will come from a email address. We do not send emails from free web-based email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or
  • All applicants are required to complete a legitimate, complete application through our applicant tracking system - Greenhouse.
  • We will not insist on urgency from the outset. Our application process may take several weeks to complete.
  • We will never ask you to contact third parties or to book travel to complete your application or be considered for a job opportunity at Conductor.

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