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3 Steps Away From Powerful SEO Insights for Your Whole Team

1. Pin the extension to your Chrome window for easy access.

From Content to eCommerce to Social: optimizing your website is a team effort. Now you can leverage powerful search insights no matter what part of the site you own, without ever leaving your browser.

Animation showing how to pin the Conductor for Google Chrome extension in the "extensions" menu in the Chrome menu bar.

2. Sign in with Google or get full access as a Conductor customer.

Unlock the full capabilities of the Chrome extension when you sign in to your Conductor account, like access to unlimited Keyword Research, Live Editor, and more!

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3. Access smarter, better, and faster SEO with one click.

The most advanced search intelligence Chrome extension ever created, covering all phases of your workflow—from keyword research to real-time optimizations.

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Features Available with Conductor Sign In vs. with Google Sign In

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