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Discover your biggest challengers in every market

Analyze your competitors' strengths and weaknesses through SEO market share and rank comparison to uncover opportunities to get ahead.
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Stay ahead of the competition

Master SEO competitor analysis by tracking your search market share by category, result type, rank position, location, device type, and more. Dive deep with head-to-head comparisons of your biggest direct competitors while uncovering indirect ones.

Analyze competitor websites and content

Instantly analyze any site’s organic channel performance. Survey top traffic-driving pages, identify what keywords they rank for, and see recent gains and losses.

Uncover competitive content opportunities

Dive into competitive opportunities based on where your competitors are winning. Find the keywords and topics where you can win against primary and secondary competitors.

Share opportunities and wins

Don't let your team operate in the dark. Easily create reports to share competitive opportunities and wins across your organization.

This product provides us with critical insights into our place in the market, as well as our competitors hold on important stances in the market.

Martin Earl, Culinary Editor, ThermoWorks (opens in a new tab)

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