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Custom Element Monitoring

Take full control of your website with custom element tracking

Gain complete flexibility and control over the type of elements, issues, and changes to monitor across your website content—available for endless use cases.
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Build dynamic rules with any page factor

Segment your content using any combination of page factors, from load time to publish date, then get alerted in real-time as pages start or stop matching the underlying criteria.

Spot eCommerce issues as they happen

Instantly learn when a product is out of stock, a product category page becomes empty, a low review gets added, and other key changes that could hurt your site’s revenue-driving potential.

Upgrade your content strategy

Catalog every page on your site and have full line-of-sight into when pages were last updated, how much content is being produced for each category, and content by author so all contributors know when and where to act.

Fortify your compliance controls

Protect your site against costly compliance issues with a website security camera in every market, programmed by your team to ensure content adheres to the local laws and specific regulations you’re required to follow.

Ensure product content stays up-to-date

When you change something about your brand or product, make sure it’s applied consistently across your website. Keep names, pricing, and messaging consistent and accurate for positive customer experiences that lead to conversions.

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