An SEO Platform Is A Must For Every Team

Conductor is a Leader in the Forrester SEO Platforms Wave™

Conductor is proud to be part of Forrester’s authoritative evaluation of SEO platforms, which determines the top SEO platforms according to a 23 criteria evaluation.

With top rankings in both the current offering and strategy categories, Forrester has determined that Conductor is a Leader in this Wave evaluation.

Marketers responsible for SEO and content marketing who are looking for a vendor that takes feedback seriously shouldn’t look any further than Conductor.
The Forrester Wave™: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Platforms, Q3 2018

Why You Need an SEO Platform

Digital marketing spend is going up. Is your ROI increasing at the same pace?

It’s harder than ever to buy attention with paid marketing, so it’s no surprise that organic traffic now represents over 50% of most site traffic. But as the organic channel matures, it’s also earning dramatically more investment and growing increasingly competitive.

High-quality content is the long-term solution that will protect your organic traffic from competition and earn the attention of new high-value customers. Investing in content and SEO now will save you from upping your paid marketing spend in the future to diminishing returns.

Given the huge impact of SEO on your business, you need to be in control of your own search data. To manage all of your data, your workflows, and your content performance, you need an SEO platform.

See Conductor in action

Conductor Received the Highest Score Possible, 5/5, in 15 Criteria

Conductor received the highest score possible, 5/5, in 15 of Forrester’s SEO Platforms Wave evaluation criteria — and the highest scores in the categories of current offering and strategy.


Workflow and Process Management


Opportunity Forecasting


Local SEO


Reporting and Analytics


User Interface




Managed Services


Tech Support


Product Vision


Execution Roadmap

Why Conductor

Our platform has all of the features you need, but what makes us a leader is our forward-looking strategy. Our vision is to humanize marketing: to transform marketing into a force for improving people’s lives.

Conductor Searchlight is the only platform that can drive this strategy and help you make a real positive impact. We boost your efforts in three areas key to the future of marketing:


Customer voice: understand the needs of your customer and speak their language with the deepest customer intent insights and the most complete search dataset in the industry


Content creation: find content opportunities and clearly and confidently report on the results of your content activities


Discoverability: make sure your site is in tip-top technical shape with a thorough site audit, monitor your visibility with our leading rank tracker, and get optimization recommendations

Our Customers Are the Best Marketers in the Business

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