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Conductor Partners with SEOmoz

Conductor Searchlight is now integrated with the SEOmoz tool, Linkscape. It powers the Linkcenter within Searchlight. It updates regularly and gives great insight on pages and root domains linking to the tracked website. Since follow and no-follow are a huge concern now when talking about backlinks, both will be measured to see which pages are getting the most. Whatever SEOmoz’s tools are capable of you will be able to access and manipulate in your reports through workspaces.

The guys over at SEOmoz have started using Conductor’s Searchlight platform, and we could be happier to have them on board! Below is just a little bit about their experience using Searchlight found on SEOmoz blog:

SEOmoz is proud to be powering Conductor’s new Searchlight software. Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz, got to take a demo of Searchlight 2 weeks ago (anyone can request one here) and was very impressed.

Read more about SEOmoz’s integration with Searchlight here

SEOmoz is proud to be powering Conductor’s new Searchlight software. I got to take a demo of their toolset 2 weeks ago and was very impressed.

Rand Fishkin
SEOmoz CEO and co-founder

SEOmoz’s Linkscape index currently powers the link data section of Searchlight via our API and we’re looking forward to helping many other providers of search software in the future. We’re also integrated with Hubspot’s and EightFoldLogic’s (formerly Enquisite) Linker, so if you’re seeking to build an app and need link data, you can sign up for free API access and get in touch if/when you need more data.

Look for more updates from Conductor’s blog and the SEOmoz blog for more information regarding the backlink integration and others.

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